Review of the Best Rolling Backpacks

Read on if you’re interested in finding some wheely good backpacks… oh dear, sorry for that couldn’t resist! Yes you might have guessed it this article will review some of the best rolling backpacks (ie: bags smaller than suitcases that have wheels attached). These bags are really useful in two main situations. Firstly if you are regularly taking a lot of heavy books / textbooks to and from college then a backpack with wheels would be ideal so you don’t have to put all of that weight onto your shoulders. Alternatively if you’re going on a plane journey then these rolling backpacks are great as most would classify as ‘hand baggage’ and you might be able to avoid having to check in your luggage. Here’s a run-down of three really popular models:

The High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Backpack

High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Backpack

Handy for carting heavy textbooks around or for checking in as hand baggage on a plane. Some great color variations.

High Sierra are well known for their high quality gear at very reasonable prices (check out our backpack brands page), and so you can expect their ‘Freewheel’ wheeled backpack to also be of a high quality. It’s a bit hard to tell from the picture so the dimensions of the pack are 20.5 x 13.5 x 8 inches. It features Duralite Ripstop fabric to maximize longevity, and has a cushioned sleeve for your laptop (up to 17″ capability) in addition to having multiple compartments, a telescopic handle, and padded shoulder straps should you choose to carry rather than roll it.

The High Sierra Freewheel is available in seven different colorschemes, has excellent reviews (average 4.3 out of 5), and is available for just under $50 on Amazon.

View the reviews and pictures here…

The Kipling Sausalito Backpack

Kipling Sausalito Wheeled Backpack

A great looking and durable wheeled backpack that is quiet to roll and long-lasting.

This is a nicely designed rolling backpack made by Kipling available in a range of colors including black, celo grey, deep red, ‘espresso’, glacier blue, true blue, very berry and turquoise. What’s more, all of these bags come with the Kipling trademark ‘gorilla‘ attached to the zipper! As with the High Sierra option above, this one has a telescopic handle so you can roll it along, and is made from water-resistant nylon. To classify as a ‘backpack’ this one also incorporates two shoulder straps for when you’re not rolling it along. This has a very high rating on Amazon of 4.6 out of 5 stars, and is currently on offer for just under $140.

Most of the reviews on Amazon praise this bag for its great looks and its durability of construction. Some bags (such as the Samsonite wheeled bags) are said to be quite noisy when wheeled, however this Kipling one must have a different type of wheel as it rolls smoothly and quietly.

Take a look at the Kipling Sausalito and the different colors available…

The High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Book Backpack

High Sierra Powerglide

Another High Sierra backpack with great reviews at a great price.

In looking for the best models to review here what kept cropping up was that High Sierra had some really highly reviewed backpacks, and they are obviously a customer favorite when it comes to having a backpack that can be rolled along, and also used with shoulder straps where necessary. The High Sierra Powerglide bag is one such bag that has great reviews (4.5 out of 5), and has pretty much the same features as the High Sierra one mentioned previously. For example it can carry a laptop with ease in its own cushioned sleeve, and has multiple compartments to store your different books and items. It has multiple pockets, a headphone port, VAPEL padded shoulder straps for optimum comfort, and corner guards and a kickplate to minimize damage over time.  It has been vastly reduced in price from around $170 to a low $64, and offers excellent value for money.

See the different models of the High Sierra Powerglide and customer reviews…

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