Review of the ‘Ful’ Brickhouse Laptop Sling Bag for Women

If you need to carry your computer to or from work or college and you want something that looks a bit funkier than the more traditional college bags, a laptop sling bag might be a good option for you. This particular model, the ‘Ful’ Brickhouse sling bag is a great looking bag that is available in a few different colour options to suit your taste. It has the look and feel of a designer bag, yet without the designer price tag. Currently it’s available for around $35 from Amazon.

Ful Women's Brickhouse Laptop Bag

This is a stylish laptop sling bag that can carry a 13″ or some 15″ laptops, and is renowned for being highly comfortable to carry around.

Rather than a typical two shoulder strap bag, these sling bags only have one strap, which can be interchanged between the left or right hand side thanks to a ‘patented’ swivel ring. Obviously they don’t offer the same level of ergonomics and comfort as a more backpack-style type of bag, however if you aren’t lugging this for long distances or with heavy loads then it shouldn’t really be an issue. In addition the sling is quite well padded, so this will help make it comfier to carry.

The Nitty Gritty

It is available in one size (22 x 11 x 6 inches), however is available in four different color options. These include pink, black, orange and purple, all of which look quite nice. The bag is actually classified as being a “woman’s bag” however some of the more unisex colors could quite happily be worn by men as well as women. Internally there is quite a large main compartment with an internal organizer, and has been designed to carry a laptop. Be aware however that the manufacturer states it can only carry laptops up to 15.4″, so if you’re the owner of a large 17″ laptop then you’ll want to look at a different bag, such as some of these. It has a few extra storage pockets, two zippable ones on the front and side for various accessories, and also an elastic water bottle holder on the side. Finally it also features a front audio pocket with a port for your earphones.

What do the Reviews Say?

One common theme with customers that have purchased and used the ‘Ful’ Brickhouse bag is that the sling shoulder strap is extremely comfortable, some say even more so than their old two-strap bags! A few reviewers complain about a hook on the bottom strapping off, however apparently they have altered the design so that this is now made out of metal instead of plastic, and is consequently a lot more durable.

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